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154,000 원
원산지 :  JAPAN
사이즈 :  
SUS TAPE 50 미리*20m
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꾸준히 찾으시는 스테인레스 스틸 테이프 입니다....( SUS 304TAPE )

40 u sus foil + rubber adhesive + liner = 0.12

25 / 50 / * 20 미터용

25mm * 20 M

50mm * 20M 



주문후 20일 소요 // 재고 확인후 구매 바랍니다...




40μm thick stainless steel foil (SUS304) tape is coated with synthetic resin-based adhesive on one side of a weather-resistant base.
The superior strength of the substrate, the adhesive in a wide range from low temperature to high it indicates a well-balanced adhesive properties.
The unprecedented high-quality adhesive tape to other companies. In various industries, can be used for various applications.


(1) unattended rail car
(2) countertop seam
(3) repair parts for fixed

Tape Performance
Measurement item Unit Reading
(To stainless steel)
Tuck ° 15 ∠ Ball No. 11
Retention (℃ 40, 9.8N) Minute drop 800
Growth % 10
Tensile strength N/10mm

Test method: JIS Z 0237 equivalent
※ The above figures are an example of measured values, and are not guaranteed.
※ Product specifications Please note that it may change without notice.
※ () is a reference value of old units.
※ When you are using is whether the suits, thank you for the confirmation on your own.

Standard dimensions and packing units
Dimensions (width × length) Box Quantity
25mm × 20m Volume 60
50mm × 20m Volume 30
75mm × 20m Volume 18
100mm × 20m Volume 12

For other sizes, please contact us.
Note) Please note that the number is entered may change without notice.

Notes on Using
I can not get enough adhesion to stick to the tape surface is dirty, clean the surface dirt, moisture, please attach and remove from oil.
To obtain sufficient adhesion, after the tape is stuck please crimp well.
When the tape storage, direct sunlight, avoiding heat sources such as heaters, please keep in a cool place.
The electrical tape is not so, for electrical insulation Please do not use.
Adhesive residue or discoloration, it can cause peeling paint, tape furniture, walls, glass, PVC, etc. Please attach directly to the car body.
This is a skin adhesive tape is not. There is adhesive residue and can cause irritation, please attach directly to the skin.

When you are using, if it matches your application, thank you a check.
When it is used for special applications, please contact us.
(Toll-Free :0120-147-224)
For damages caused by using the results can not be held responsible, please make sure you have your top.


구입제품의 이상이 있을 경우
- 구입후 7 일 이내에 동일제품으로 교환 가능하며 운송비는 판매자 부담입니다.
- 다른 제품으로 교환, 또는 이상이 없는 제품과 함께 교환을 원하실 경우 구매자께서 운송비를 부담합니다.

구입제품의 이상이 있을 경우 (색상, 사이즈, 다른상품교환)
- 구입후 7일이내 교환 가능하며 구매자께서 운송비를 부담합니다.

- 비닐포장 및 Tag의 폐기 또는 훼손 등으로 상품 가치가 멸실된 경우에는 제한 반품시에 해당 사은품이 있을 경우 같이 보내주셔야 합니다.
결제후 2~5일 이내에 상품을 받아 보실 수 있습니다.
- 국내 최대의 물류사 택배를 통하여 신속하고 안전하게 배송됩니다.

5만원 이상 구입시 무료배송입니다.
- 제주도를 포함한 도서,산간지역은 항공료 또는 도선료가 추가됩니다.


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